Happy Wednesday, ladies!  It's the first official week of summer and I have to say, a girl could get use to this sort of thing.  Sunshine and days at play are always lovely but if you're fair-skinned like I am {or even if you're not!} always be sure to take cover from those golden rays.  Along with reaching for a really great sunscreen, it's a smart idea to don a favorite floppy while enjoying all those sun-soaked moments.  I think it's conveniently brilliant how so many summer outfits work so perfectly with a pretty topper.  From old school glam to boho chic, every girl can pull this off.  These looks show just how versatile the hat can be.  I can't believe I'm the same girl who once dreaded hearing her mother say, "wear a hat".  Now, it's a coveted accessory.  I guess it just goes to show that mom always does know best.  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful start to summer.   If you want more pretty inspo for how to take cover, you can find it here.

Photo Credits: atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com jkldesign.blogspot.com everydaysouthernprep.blogspot.com southerncurlsandpearls.com