Majestic New York City is home to so many magnificent sights and iconic landmarks.  No matter your age, origin or attitude, everybody has a New York moment they remember.  Today I decided to put together some of my favorite things about NYC capturing the eclectic rhythm and flavor that only this city can give.  

I think almost everyone appreciates the grandeur that New York expresses through its infamous skyline and infinite buzz.  What often goes unnoticed though, are those sweet and sometimes surreal little known spots that give this town its depth and character.  One of these is The Highline.  This one mile linear park, unexpectedly nestled along the lower west side, was inspired by the Promenade plantée in Paris and provides a sweet respite from the daily hub bub.   All of this makes it the most romantic spot for an evening stroll on a summer's night.   Another locale I can never get quite enough of is the famed Central Park.  My most-treasured spot within its sprawling greenery is The Bow Bridge.  Who couldn't find sailing beneath its graceful curve simply swoon worthy?

Sips and nibbles are also a delicious part of city life.  Famed favorites like the Magnolia Bakery are always a must-visit stop during any and all leisurely weekend strolls.  Cupcake lovers be warned!  
The Smith is the perfect spot to refuel with locations uptown, downtown and somewhere in between, it's never out of the way.  But when it comes to more love and romance, Salon de Ning and its breathtaking cityscapes is my top choice.  

Finally, no trip to the big apple is ever complete without a little bit of shopping thrown in.  That subject is more of a documentary than it is a blog post but I will give mention to a few little gems I favor.  Nolita houses so many loves from Otte NYC to Tory Burch.  Then there's Nanette Lepore who speaks my language, fluently.  There's something for everybody and none of which you'll find everywhere else…don't miss it.  
A little walk away, shopping in Soho, Valeria Smith houses all the handbags, wallets, wristlets and candy crave colors any girl could want.  Even if you're not in the market for any new little lovelies, this storefront window alone is enough to lure you in.  Finish your day with some well-deserved tasty bites from Vosges chocolate.  Believe me, you won't be sorry!

Photo Credits: (handbag storefront)