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The weekend is here {at last!} and happily, that means a lot of fun in the sun.  Those carefree days at the beach can also be your skin's best friend with just a few simple switch outs.  
My favorite beach beauty products add a softness to my hair and give a glow to my skin, while flawlessly protecting them from the sun.  For loose, tousled beach waves both on and off the sand, I love this spray from Bumble & Bumble.  My fair skin would probably love to remain covered up all year long.  Luckily, it doesn't have to.  Supergoop! sunscreen is my favorite choice.  I love slathering on all those antioxidants and high SPF protection on my skin.  Topping it off are {always} a cute floppy hat and a great pair of sunnies {loving these beauties!}  How about you girls?  What are some of your favorite beach beauty loves?  

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!