Happy Friday lovelies!  Friday tends to be a favorite day for so many of us, so I want to spend the day sharing with you all some of my favorite Little Bits of Lovely.  My heart always beats a little bit faster when it sees the beauty of anything blush, gold or heart-shaped.  You'd never guess, right?  There's just a sweet and happy sense of delight that playfully captures me whenever I find anything in their likeness.  Here I've picked out some of these wonderful little items that adorn my heart and home because they are oh so lovely and just so hard to resist.  Here's to hoping you'll love them as much as I do!

Wishing you a beautiful, love-filled weekend!

 1.   Forever 21 Metallic Polka Dot Pouch
 2.  Expressions Pillow Love Letter
 3.  Good Morning Beautiful and Bonjour Beauté Mugs
 4.  Dyptique 'Baise' Scented Candle
 5.  Heart and Sequin Pouch Trio
 6. J. Crew Sugar Paper Letterpress Heart Note Set
 7. Love Labels