We all know how winter can play rough with our skin, leaving it dry, chapped, chafed and ready for some well-deserved TLC in the form of hydrating lotions, gentle exfoliators and cushioning creams.  The same is true of our hair, yet somehow we don't as readily come to its rescue with equally restorative products that pamper.

To take the guesswork out of winter haircare how-tos, here's an easy cheat sheet to simply solve women's four most common haircare complaints this season.

1.  HAIR THAT'S DULL & DRY:  Say goodbye to the winter doldrums and their ravaging effects on your hair with a richly restorative hair mask like this one from  Kerastase.

2.  LOSS OF SOFTNESS & SHINE:  Don't strip your hair, gently cleanse it instead.  Using a color safe shampoo (even if you've never colored you hair) is a great way to suds in softness and shine without the harsh effects of striping shampoos.  Follow it up with a moisturizing conditioner and your hair will thank you with suppleness and swing.  Two to try:  EverPure Volumizing Shampoo & EverPure Volumizing Conditioner

3.  LIMP & LIFELESS LOCKS:  When it comes to winter styling, you want to coax not coat your strands.  Too much product is never the way to go.  When trying to liven up your locks, less is always more.  Some of my favorite picks for getting that, "your hair but better" look are these little miracle workers: Calista Tools Embellish and Calista Tools Silk Sensation

4.  NON-STOP STATIC:  Low humidity and dry heat can lead to strands that stand on end garnering all the wrong types of attention.  Smooth and shine them instead with a few drops of the essential oil your hair and body crave.  A few small drops of these beauty in a bottle elixirs will do the trick and give you luxurious locks you'll love:  

Here's to hoping that these tips leave you with fewer hat hair days and many more crowning glory moments.  Wishing you all a beautiful Wednesday!

image credit: Pinterest