Much like leopard, bold colors and brights, camo is yet another one of the "New Neutrals".  Personally, I love it and its complete chameleon power.  What other pattern do you know of that can take it easy or get all dressed up with the simple switch out of just a few key pieces?  Here's how to do it...

Begin by building your outfit around the one piece you want to play up.  In this case, it these camo skinny jeans.  From there, decide if you want to dress your look up or down and begin adding what works.  For me, I decided to give my look a preppy chic feel.  To do it, I first began to layer with one of my favorite staples, this easy to pair chambray shirt.  Soft, comfy and the perfect companion for so many of the things I own.  Next I layered on a chunky rib knit pullover sweater.  My reasoning here was two-fold.  The chambray and denim are longtime companions and always work perfectly and effortlessly as a classic combo.  Fatigues, however, are almost the complete opposite of these preppy pieces and that's why the two looks ignite when put together.   To amp up the glam factor I reached for a striking crystal necklace like this one from Bauble Bar and a pink accent via J. Crew's decadent jewelry collection.  Finally, the entire look is tied together with the perfect shade of neutral suede ankle bootie and a city chic tote sized perfectly to fit all your essential belongings.

It really is just that simple.  The key is, to know what you want to work with and take it in the direction you want to go.  If you give it a try, you just must be surprised (and fall in love with) what you discover.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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