Whether seen during the holiday season or on a sunny day in June, the red lip is a classic look that's been perfected through the ages.  Today I'm playing with three beautiful ways to wear it yourself.  From its original glamorous beginnings to holiday beauty and back again to everyday pretty, the look is surprisingly as versatile as it is lovely.  Here are three easy ways to pull it off...

Beauty icons knew a good thing when they saw it.  The red lip was famously embraced by quintessential starlets (think Audrey, Kate, Rita, Marilyn and Grace).  In an era when less was more, and to me it still is, the red lip was the focal point of classic beauty.  The effect can still be achieved today.  Simply choose a red that suits your skin tone.  The general rule of thumb?  If you're drawn to silver jewelry and look best wearing it, opt for a blue-based red.  If you tend to look better in gold, then go for warm-based brick reds.  Next, keep the rest of your makeup simple but finished.  An eggshell eyeshadow, swipe of black liner and a little lash fringe are just about perfect.  Pick out your favorite scarf, which you can wear traditionally or as a kerchief, and a chic pair of cat eye sunnies.  Just like that, you're a beautiful throwback to a time when ladylike looks were a daily indulgence.

The holidays are nearly here and with them come plenty of reasons to celebrate.  Never is the red lip more apropos than when sipping a glass of bubbly joy.  For a nighttime toast, you can surely up the ante by choosing a bolder shade of crimson and adding a hint of smolder to your eye.  Eyeshadow quads are often the easiest and most cost-effective way to go.  Colors are coordinated perfectly and some brands like Clinique even give you illustrated instructions to take away all the guesswork.  One final step, a bit of gloss applied to the center of your bottom lip.  Pout perfection.

Pretty red lips aren't just for special ocassions.  Quite on the contrary, they are the perfect accent to your everyday look.  A swipe of this ruby red dazzler will take a look from great to gorgeous in no time.  Try adding a bit of dazzle to the daytime by pairing a simple piece like this chambray blouse with a print or patterned bottom and a sparkly crystal necklace.  Add in one final bit of juxtaposition with a cool pair of dark shades.  No eye make-up needed.

What kind of red lip day will it be for you?  Have a beautiful Monday!