CHIC BEAUTY: Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Cold weather no longer needs to be the culprit in robbing your skin of its gorgeous dewy glow.  Take back the softness and suppleness with the magic of hydroxy acids.  Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids are what your skin craves, especially in the winter and cold weather months.  While serums and moisturizers are must-haves for repair and protection, AHAs and BHAs are what keep skin looking and feeling youthful, radiant and clear.  Let's find out how....

Alpha Hydroxy Acids:  Available in sheer, ultra-light formulas, these acids works to exfoliate skin's surface while evening texture and tone.  Brighter, smoother, youthful looking skin reveals your most beautiful complexion all while working to reduce previous signs of sun damage.  What's even better?  Research studies conclude that AHAs improve collagen production resulting in increased skin firmness and moisture retention.  All this equals a fresher, younger looking you.

Beta Hydroxy Acids:  Acne plagued skin types rejoice.  BHAs are the answer to your collective prayers.  Whether this is or was something you have struggled with, get ready to do an about face.  This exfoliant doesn't stop at renewing skin's surface.  Rather, it goes one better by simultaneously cleaning out the debris that's residing in your pores.  Skin cell turnover rate is improved and dramatic changes in the skin's appearance are possible as these wonder working acids improve collagen production and smooth skin's surface.  Blemish causing bacteria is banished and clogged pores, begone.  

While AHAs are generally used more for jump starting drier, more weathered skin types and BHAs are friendly towards oilier, acne-prone types, both can be effectively incorporated into your skincare routine.  Here are some options to consider....



Give these skin savers a try.  You won't be sorry.  Everybody can benefit from their skin softening and complexion perfecting effects.  The coveted baby soft, smooth supple skin you adore is waiting.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!