So with Thanksgiving now only days away, the shopping season is about to go live and with it come those "I'm not so sure what to get them this year..." moments.  Well, put your "what to get" worries aside.  This year I've teamed up with two of my favorite beautiful, brilliant blogger friends, whose style I  admire and advice I always appreciate.  Kat Tanita of With Love From Kat and Kimberly Smith from Penny Pincher Fashion are here to answer your most often asked questions on how to score the perfect gift.

KAT TANITA {With Love From Kat} 
Q.  "Kat, your readers just can't get enough of your glam girl-next-door style.  Whether dressing up in what's chic for the season or styling your home with elegance and love, you always get it just right.  So, what's your never fail tip for finding the perfect gift that captures a personal touch and is perfect for that friend who has everything?"

A.  It can be tricky to think of a gift for the girl who has everything.  I like to give my girlfriends something that is personal.  I love this monogram ring from Jennifer Zeuner and this monogram necklace from Max & Chloe (I wear mine all the time!)  A gorgeous day planner like this is also a great gift. 


KIMBERLY SMITH {Penny Pincher Fashion}

Q. "Kim, your readers adore your polished to perfection looks and amazing ability to put them all together for such a pretty price.   What's your best tip for finding the perfect gift you know they'll love without breaking your budget?"

A.  The secret is two-fold...the first key to buying the perfect gift is knowing the person well, who you are buying for.  What are their interests?  What is their personal style?  What do they love?  What is something that they wouldn't buy for themselves?  I also set a price range for each gift that I have to buy - this ensures that I don't spend more than I should and it helps keep us on track with our family gift budget.  Once you've narrowed that down, it's all about educating yourself on where to find it and shopping the sales!  Sign up for a service like The Shelf and RetailMeNot - these sites will keep you up to date on the best deals from stores where you regularly shop and let you know when something you're interested in falls within your budget/price range.


Thanks ladies!  These tips make perfect sense.  That Jennifer Zeuner ring is definitely on my radar.  I can't wait to follow your leads and get gifting!  Wishing you all a happy week ahead and thanks for stopping by!