GET THE LOOK: Kat Tanita of With Love From Kat

Loving fashion is something we all do.  Finding ways to express trends in ways that speak to who we are is having style.  Combining both is priceless.  If you feel like the latest looks are fabulous on someone else but never something you can pull off, I've got great news for you.  You can take a look you love and make it one you'll love wearing by remembering a few simple key ideas.


Identify What Caught Your Eye:  Was it the flattering length of the skirt, use of a one piece wonder item, richness of the fabric and colors or the eye-popping pattern that made you sit up and take notice?  Once you pinpoint exactly what it is that you love the most about the look, you'll be able to build a better version, custom made for you.

Find the Element You Know You Can Wear:  Sometimes we fall in love with a look we see on a model or in a magazine but feel we could never duplicate ourselves.  Well, while that might be true of the entire look it doesn't mean you can't reinvent elements that will work for you.  Take the look above for example.  Maybe you love those boots on her but thigh highs are not for you.  Not a problem.  On the contrary, this is an opportunity for you to make the look work for and not against you.  Trade those taller boots for a chic pair of ankle booties.  Feeling shy about baring that much leg in autumn's cooler months?  Tights are a girls best friend.

Choose the Color or Pattern That's Right:  There it is!  An entire look you're coveting completely from head to toe except for....the color.  While some girls can toss on any color and look fabulous, many of us know which shades flatter and which fail our skin tone.  If you love that outfit but not the cool tone of say, the sweater dress, simply find a similar piece in a warmer shade that'll kiss your skin with color.

Accessorize to Accent  Sometimes that almost perfect look needs a subtle shade of you to make it completely your own.  This is the perfect place to let your personality shine through in easy ways.  If a look you'd otherwise love was accented with a chunky pendant that's not so much your style, trade the long swing for an arm party of fun bangles and bracelets that make you happy.  Too much hardware on the bag they've styled?  Go for a more muted version that still achieves the feel but in a more understated way if that's more you.

Add an Unexpected Element  You can truly turn a look into something all your own by adding a chic  extra.  Sometimes this means a standout scarf, great pair of gloves or a haute hat.  You'll know what speaks to you and plays well with the other pieces you've already chosen.  When you find it, be sure to use it as the pièce de résistance.

Thanks to Kat Tanita for being a beautiful example of a gorgeous look that I creatively made into something just a little bit more my own.  Here's to hoping you find some similarly inspiring looks you love too!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Madewell Faux Fur Vest // Matthew Williamson wool-cashmere blend sweater dress {on sale} // Mango ankle boots // Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto Mini // House of Fraser fedora // Vince Camuto leather & chain wrap watch // Tory Burch bangle {similar} // Laura Mercier nail lacquer