As September draws near there are so many changes to look forward to like cooler days, gorgeous landscapes, designer's new lines and, oh yes, those incredibly swoon-worthy September issues of our favorite glossies.  Along with these wonderful new arrivals, however, comes the question surrounding our  beloved summer trends, namely, how do I wear that now?  

When that trend is florals, no need to stress.  There is an easy solution that will help you take the spring time look appropriately into autumn.  Our favorite designers have cleverly anticipated our love affair with flowers and have traded soft pastel hues and light fabrics for inky blues and blacks along with bolder tones.  So, while in summer what called for bare legs and sheer fabrics, now transitions with deep tones, warmer knits and opulent opaques.  Simply brilliant.  Perfect for fall and for lending new life to just one of the many great looks I love.

What trend are you looking to take into the next season and how do you plan to style it?

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Photo Credits:  WWD