It's a summer Friday and we're packed to getaway.  As with all things summertime, this packing list is easy and the payouts are big.  Let's take a look at the simplest ways to look great when you get there...

//STICK WITH BASIC PIECES and NEUTRAL SHADES//  When reaching into your closet (or in this case, your suitcase) you'll want several mix and match options to play with.  This is where neutrals come in.  Not only can white, beige and black or navy play together, they always look super chic when doing so.  MICHAEL KORS is brilliant at designing such said pieces.  Think solid tops or bottoms in classic colors paired playfully with stripes, prints or patterns.  Where you place them (shorts, tees or sundresses) is up to you.  When going with the solid shorts let's say, you'll want to pair them with a nautical striped tee.  If opting for a printed bottom, simply keep your top in a solid shade, either matching the color of the short or in a complementary solid.  Madewell's modflower and lacebloom styles are perfect examples of this ease of maintenance tip.

//TAKE TWO:  DAY and NIGHT DRESSES//  Sunday afternoons can call for easy, sweet dresses to playfully follow their grown-up sisters from the night before.  Make life simple and pack two, one with a touch of tailored elegance and the other with a light-hearted feel.  Doing so will allow you to be perfectly prepared for whatever the day or night might bring.

//ACCENT with ACCESSORIES//  Nothing brings a look into sharp focus quite like the best use of your accessories.  Your goal here should be to complement the look, not overpower it and balance is key.  If going big on bracelets, there's not much need to do the same with your earrings or necklaces.  Try pairing some interesting arm candy (think bangles and wrist wrap styles) with a single long pendant  with an understated feel.  Similarly, when wearing a great statement necklace, keep the focus on that piece.  Accompanying choices will look best in smaller, more demure sizes and styles.

//A PAIR WITH FLARE and a SPORTY SPARE//  No need to take up prime real estate in your carry all with lots of bulky shoes and sandals.  Instead, try choosing one pair to wear with your daytime casuals.  Superga makes so many amazing styles, you're sure to find at least a few you adore.  Then, toss in a pair of sandals that are glam enough to pair with a nighttime frock yet easy enough to get along with your lunchtime go-tos.  These strappy styles from Dolce Vita and Rebecca Minkoff are both lovely options.

//COLORFUL COMBOS//  Although you may only need to pack your bikini for a day or two of beach blanket fun, when you turn to color and keep things interesting, you'll feel like you've spent a week in the sunshine.  Catchy prints will perk up any outfit and swimwear is no exception.  Try pairing a playful print two-piece in summer-inspired hues with a towel and tote in similar shades.  We all know coordination is key and this pulled together look will prove it.  Lily lovers can take it a step further and opt for a monogrammed look perfect for Nantucket escapes.

Where will you be heading this weekend and what do you plan to pack?  No matter the destination, here's to a wonderful weekend getaway!