Sealed with a KISS

Remember the days when you colored, crafted and carefully closed that special Valentine with those sweet little letters {S.W.A.K.}?  Well, while Valentine's Day has grown up a little bit since then, you still want your lips to be kissably soft this Valentine's Day.  These quick steps will get the job done 1...2...3.

EXFOLIATE:  Just like you always want to give your skin a thorough sloughing, you need to do the same for your lips.  Scrubs are a wonderful way to do this with many lovely flavors and fragrances available to choose from.  Can't find a sweet scrub handy?  Not a problem.  You can easily whip up your own homemade version by mixing a small amount of sugar and olive oil that you can work into the lips for the same effect.  Removing those dead skin cells will banish pesky rough spots and keep flakes at bay, leaving your lips smooth and plump and ready for hydration.

HYDRATE:  Once your lips have been smoothed and plumped, they are ready for the moisture they crave to keep them healthy and soft.  Look for balm and butters that contain natural oils and extracts and peptides aimed at enhancing lip volume and lip definition.

PROTECT:  Now that your lips are perfectly pouty, you'll want to treat them to the same protection you give your skin daily.  Be sure to look for products that contain an SPF (even in the winter months) that will shield lips from the sun's harmful rays.

Easy as 1...2...3.  Ready, set, smile and enjoy a lovely Wednesday!



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