Pantone's color experts have given the green light to this year's gorgeous lush hue, emerald.  Now, get ready to start seeing this color craze everywhere your fashion travels take you.  Seeing so much of one shade can easily overwhelm even the savviest of shoppers, however.  So, sit back and take a look at a few simple ways to work the color into your closet this year.

PATTERNS AND PRINTS:  Whether you choose to go with a soft silk blouse, perfect pair of capris or a sexy pencil skirt, these pieces can easily incorporate both bold color and a pop of print that brings an otherwise neutral outfit into the trend spotlight without ever being too much.  J. Crew offers a spring friendly motif adorning their green silk butterfly blouse.  Another way to go?  Pair a jade solid with a textured, printed bottom.  Try this boyfriend v-neck on for inspiration.

PAIRED WITH ANIMAL PRINTS:  Your emerald city favorites take on a life of their own when you couple them with peeks of animal print.  Try complementing that gorgeous green sweater or chunky emerald bracelet with a sleek calf hair leopard print ballet flat or skinny belt.  

ADD EASY ACCENTS:  Not ready to commit to that much color?  Make the easy choice with chic accents with a pop of color on your feet, nails or in your bag.  Fun flats are a fabulous addition to any outfit.  Similarly, let your hands do the talking with a teal toned polish like this one from Butter London.  Or, accessorize your handbag with a playful coin case from your favorite designer.

PASTELS:  Sometimes the moment calls for a softer shade of beautiful.  Something that is a little less bold but every bit as pretty.  When that's the case, mint, seafoam and lime can easily fit the moment and your mood.  A sheer soft dress is the perfect choice for this lighter palette as are spring scarves in sweet sherbet shades. 

So, there are four fresh ways to let your emeralds shine.  What will be your favorite ways to style the trend?  I can't wait to hear!  Have a beautiful Monday and thanks for reading!