It seems that never does a holiday season come along without us asking ourselves, "What do I wear to the holiday party?"  Most likely because it's a great question to which the answer often eludes us.  This year, it doesn't have to.  With a little help from one of my favorite bloggers, Rachel Parcell over at The Pink Peonies, casual elegance is oh-so easy to achieve.  

What to Wear...The Holiday Party

A holiday staple like this Tartan Blouse sets the stage for a chic seasonal look.  Add an of-the-moment piece that is classic rather than trendy.  This Peplum shirt would be a perfect choice for doing just that.  Next, highlight your femininity and flair by choosing a box-pleat or flouncy skirt, maybe with a bit of sparkle.  A pretty red leather handbag adds just the right amount of pop.  Now, while the mixing in of a blue shoe would not be something I'd normally consider, it somehow just works here.  If you find you feel the same, why not try a deeper shade of blue pumps?  Last, polish off the total look with some pretty pieces like this matching necklace and bracelet set.

Now you are ready, set, sparkle.  Thank you, Rachel, for the beautiful, classic inspiration and thank you, chic Saturday lovelies, for reading.  Happy Thursday!