As lovers of fashion, we all know how much fun it is to creatively express ourselves with our personal style.  Now that the holiday season is here, we can extend that creative flair into wrapping and readying those gorgeous gifts we plan to give to our favorite people.  From ribbons and dainty dots to stripes and bows, there's an endless array of options for wrapping your perfect gifts with style.  Let's take a peek...

Wrapped with Love

A few tips for {almost} effortless presents that everyone will love to receive:

1.  COVER CREATIVELY:  The personality of your packages begins with the wrap you choose.  From brown paper and plain white to chevron and stripes, this first step lends style and grace to the overall look you want to create.  Check out your favorite shops for original options as many boutiques and clothing stores have truly amazing selections to browse through.

2. ACCESSORIZE:  Just like a great outfit needs a bit of adornment to really feel complete, so do gift boxes.  A pretty ribbon or carefully tied bow can make all the difference and we're not just thinking red or green anymore.  The color palette for holiday gifts is suddenly as endless as the present options themselves.  From pastels to polka dots, the choices are a plenty.  Look for those ribbons and bows that are self-adhesive as this will make artful wrapping a dream.

3.  ADD A LITTLE LOVE:  You know your family and friends well.  Does your mom adore snowflakes or your best friend love candy canes at Christmas?  Add a bit of warmth and joy to each package by affixing a personal favorite to the ribbon or bow.  It'll make each gift memorable as well as make everyone on your list feel extra special.

4.  PERSONALIZE:  As a lover of all things monogrammed, this last tip is truly my favorite.  Let each person know that this gift was hand-selected for them alone by using their initial instead of a traditional tag.  Simply cut out a block-style letter from stock paper, hole punch the corner, string a ribbon through it and voila...a monogram tag is made.  You can even repurpose old holiday cards from last year by cutting your letters from them.  This will add originality and warmth to your presents and put a smile on the face of the special someone you plan to give it to.  Perfect!

I hope these gift wrapping ideas give you some inspiration and help you look forward to presenting your packages with sweetness and style.  I'd love to hear your tips as well!

Wishing you a merry Monday!