September Shopping Bag

Hello September!  The start of fall always symbolizes renewal and a time to refresh and revamp oneself.  What better way is there to do that than to begin with one's closet?  Now's the time to toss anything you haven't worn or won't wear and replace that with a few fresh, key pieces perfect for the fall season.  Here are a few of my favorite picks:

//Darker Denims//  I've always been a fan of my favorite pair of jeans.  What I'm really loving right now, are the richer hues and jewel tones that have recently come on the scene.  Gold, spruce, bordeaux and violet are perfect choices for cooler, crisp days and pair so well with fall's classic patterns as well as some of today's updated prints, think animal prints and geometric designs.

//Patterns, Prints and Collars//  Both tops and bottoms will be taking on busier and sometimes bolder looks this autumn with the arrival of polka dots, chevron and snakeskin patterns.  Collars are also breaking out everywhere with both sewn in as well as jewelry add-ons that give new life to basic tops, sweaters and tees.

//Fashion Forward Footwear//  Rich hues and playful patterns are not reserved just for clothing this fall.  Instead, they are being seen on the street in multiple forms of footwear.  From flats and smoking slippers to heels and riding boots, color and texture will be walking the walk.  

//Autumn Accessories//  I'm the type of girl who feels that a great pair of sunnies is a must have year round.  With that, I'm finding that I'm particularly fond of these square shaped Tory Burch ones done in a tortoise shell finish.  Ahhh, forever chic.  Also on my wish list this month is anything done in hunter green. It pairs so beautifully with gold accents and has always been a favorite of mine.  Now that it is being seen everywhere in so many pretty ways.....well, you get the picture, its on my list and hard to resist.

//A Great Fitting Blazer//  Nothing says "fall" to me more than a blazer.  Worn over a summery dress, paired with jeans and a white blouse or partnered with your favorite skinnies, boots and a scarf, this piece is kind of indispensable one might say.  Colors and fabrics are plentiful this time of year, so be sure to choose a couple that fit you to a tee and easily mix and match with the other pieces you already own.  This makes for an instant revamp of your wardrobe as well as a fun way to breath new life into old faves.

So, I'd love to know, what are some of your favorites this September?

September Shopping Bag by chicsaturday featuring h&m jackets