LUXE Lashes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and I have to agree that I feel this is often quite true.  Along with his, however, goes the similar fact that they eyes are also the focal point of the face.  It make sense then, that you want yours to be as beautiful outside as you are within.  And while looks such as the smokey eye and cat eye are ultra popular and understandably alluring, neither one can be done without some seriously luxurious lashes.  So that is why I want to focus on how to create that fabulous feathery fringe we all covet.

1.  CURL ~ This is always the first step towards prepping your eyes and is also one you never want to skip.  With a few quick squeezes of an eyelash curler, you dramatically open up the eye and achieve an open, curled effect that leaves you looking lifted, wide-eyed and ready to take the next step.

2.  PRIME ~ What serums and hydrators do for your skin, primers do for you lashes.  Just as much as you always condition your hair to keep it soft and supple, so should you prime your lashes to moisturize and strengthen them towards length and elasticity.  While traditionally primers were designed to simply serve as a basecoat for the main event, today's formulas can also be applied at night.  When you do so, it is like giving your lashes a rich layer of moisture that will soak in overnight and result in well-conditioned lashes in the morning.

3.  LENGTHEN, DEFINE & VOLUMIZE ~ No matter what your lash needs might be, you can rest assured that there is a mascara {likely more than one} to meet those requirements.  Personally, I have found a hands down favorite in Lancome's Oscillation Power Mascara.  This wand is unlike any other as it essentially does ALL THE WORK for you.  Battery powered, it gently vibrates to ensure that each and every lash, yes even the ones you never knew you had, gets a gliding coat of depth.  Along with that, this magic wand also effortlessly lengthens and separates each hair, resulting in long, lush and clump free fringe.

4.  A SECRET WEAPON ~ While yes, lashes are what we want to have take center stage here, there is one secret weapon that will take those lashes to the next level while never making its presence obviously known.  That undercover agent is.....a waterproof liner used to line the upper inner rim.  By lining this part of your eye, what you are ultimately doing is filling in the little gaps and spaces at the base of the lash, lending a thicker, denser, more lush look to the lash line and lashes themselves.  If you've never done this before, go ahead and give it a try.  Trust me, you won't ever go without it again.

Here's to another beautiful day!  Thanks for reading!!