Beauty Steals $20 and Under

While I might possibly be the biggest fan of cosmetic counter beauty you'll ever meet, I am also quite an aficionado of drugstore beauty finds and yes, there are many.  From hair care to manicure maintenece, cult favorites abound.  Let's take a look at the why and how...

Hair Care: Have you ever found yourself running late or in desperate need of some volume and bounce in your hair or, on certain days, maybe even coveting both?  Well, here are two favorite go-to products that give you both.  Dove Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil while adding in texture and shine.  Similarly, Suave Root Lifter lends lift, volume and manageability to freshly washed locks.  Finally, when it comes to finding a brush that detangles, smooths and shines look no further than this great steal of a deal by Sonia Kushak.  Compact, gentle and easy to clean, this one gets the job done tangle free leaving your hair ready for a sleek pony or chic bun held in place with Goody soft coated elastics.

Skin Care:  The shower is the perfect place to take off the day and give your skin a fresh start.  One simple way to do this daily is by combining the exfoliating work of a liquidy loofah with the hydrating properties of a great beauty bar.  Caress and Dove both make luscious options rich with skin softeners and light scent that leaves your skin supple and clean.
It's important to remember, however, even though warm baths and hot showers feel good on our skin, these water temperatures can be extremely drying and unfriendly to the skin's appearance and take a toll on its ability to maintain the proper moisture barrier.  When this is the case, I turn to Cerave body cream.  Having tried nearly every tube and bottle on the shelves, I finally came across a reason to never look for another ever again.  Cerave restores the skin's natural barrier with lipids that mimic the skin epidermal make up, leaving your body feeling soft, supple and oh so hydrated.
Once you're feeling comfortable in your own skin, be sure to protect it daily from the sun's damaging rays. Even on rainy days, sunscreen is imperative.  If you can see where you're going, you can bet it's the sun's rays that are lighting the way.  It is also those very same rays that are damaging your skin via their ultra violet rays.  Take cover with a great sunscreen that provides both UVA and UVB protection.  My pick is this do-it all formula from Neutrogena.

Eyes and Lips: Personally, I can never go a day without wearing a little something on my eyes and lips and when armed with the right knowhow, the drug store shelves are the perfect place to shop.  When it comes to eye shadows, the key is to find products rich with pigment.  Therein lies the difference between the options sold at your favorite department store and the corner store.  Pigment is what gives make up colors there depth and lasting power.  L'Oreal makes a nice option in their HIP (High Intensity Pigment) line which, as the name suggests, contains a good level of pigment that transfer nicely onto the skin.  Color options range from the subdued to the extreme so, there should be something for everyone.
Perhaps there are days when you just want a bit of lash drama minus all the rest.  To achieve a clean, defined look, liner is a must.  Having searched high and low in pursuit of the longest lasting and easiest to apply liquid liner (to me it lets you achieve the most defining line while staying put) I finally found this fabulous one by Prestige.  The just dark enough color and right degree of slip make this inkwell style not only a great buy but a preferred choice.  The only addition needed (for me personally) is a super skinny brush to ensure a flawless application.
Once your eyes are prepped and primed, don't forget to keep your lips soft and supple.  As fall's brisk chill approaches, you'll want to protect them with a simple yet effective balm.  Smith's Rosebud Slave does all this and more.  This cheery pink ointment works great on rough cuticles and helps maintain your manicure.

Nail Care:  Speaking of nails, there is a complete plethora of polish choices awaiting your purusal there on the corner store shelf.  Colors and choices are plentiful here too but I just always find myself staying true to the much loved Essie brand.  Their colors are always of the moment and the formula stays true.  When in need of a little extra life, give your nails a a fresh coat of shiny with a hardworking top coat like Revlon's Extra Life No Chip Top Coat.So, next time you're at the pharmacy, be sure to take a look at some of these beauty steals.  Who couldn't love a product that keeps you and your wallet happy while looking your very best?

Have a beautiful Thursday!