AUTUMN Trends Report

With this past weekend having marked the first day of fall, it's realistic to say that I am officially over summer and ready for all things autumnal.  From hayrides through the pumpkin patch and baking apple pie to football on Sundays and autumn hills ablaze, I truly adore this spectacular season.  That goes double for all the cozy clothing options that come along with it.  This year's offerings are no exception. Just the colors alone are enough to make a girl swoon.  Bordeaux and navy are the perfect couple no longer exclusive to just the preppy set.  Graphic tees, like the French Hen sweater being coveted by J Crew collectors, are so sweet and carry a little bit of a hip vibe.  Last season's pattern mixing has expanded to freshly include the pattern pant.  This once restrictive look has quickly become the new neutral as it pairs so well with the soft sweaters and layered looks we will all be soon enjoying.  Speaking of which, cashmere is making yet another showing but in a slightly less traditional manner.  Once reserved for cardis and turtlenecks, this favorite fabric has now been seen sporting polka dots, jewels and bows.  Finally, making an appearance yet again this year is animal print in pieces that please from head to toe.  From accessories to sweaters and shoes, you can't go wrong when selecting your favorite way to wear this trend.

So, with so many wonderful choices, which ones will you be wearing this fall?  Send me a few photos and I will feature some of them here!

Thanks for reading and Happy Monday!