Kate Spade...A Return to Greatness

Whenever I think of Kate Spade, I immediately envision the classic ladylike glamour of mid-Century Americana, cleverly accented with a bold touch of 80's pop culture.  Famous for patent leather purses and polka dot everything, this line has long been a favorite of mine.  Now with the Fall 2012 collection freshly on display, I find myself completely enchanted once again.  Having drifted away from all things Kate in the past year, I am so excited to see it return to its original state of greatness as it lures me back in.
 Shades of jade, cream, crimson and nude are each perfectly contrasted against classic black.  Patent leather, polka dots and the perfect bow tie this excellent selection of mix-and-matchable accessories together with ease.  Kate is definitely one of those designers who caters to the glamorous gal who seeks fashion and function embodied by poise and grace.
Ahh, so here I stand simply enamored with the pretty and plentiful choices that lie before me.  Thankfully, a girl can never have too many options to choose from in making a look uniquely her own.  As the great saying goes, "fashion is what you are offered, style is what you choose".  Thanks, Kate, for keeping our stylish options open.

Enjoy your beautiful Monday!