One of the best parts of the day is that quite time when you can wrap yourself up in a warm and snuggly spot, grab your reading media of choice and just be.  In honor of that daily moment of "ahhh", today's post is dedicated to creating a reading nook in your living space.  Surprisingly, this is not at all hard to do and can be yours in just a few simple steps.  Let's take a look...

6 Steps to Creating a Reading Nook

STEP 1:  Find the perfect furniture piece for your home and style.  I personally like the look of this fainting couch {so chic!} but the choices and possibilities are limitless.  Just be sure the piece you choose fits the area you're designing as well as the overall decor of the space.

STEP 2:  The designated spot should have two light sources: natural and artificial.  A large, spacious window makes for easy daytime reading.  When it comes to lamp choices, a tall, slim design most often works well in a corner space as it brings balance to the other larger pieces as seen here.

STEP 3:  Use pillows and a throw to lend a sense of coziness to your reading nook.  These soft pastel hues play nicely with the charcoal and golden yellow tones.  A creamy ivory throw is the perfect finishing piece as well as a welcome addition to the space on those upcoming chilly fall nights.

STEP 4:  Acquire a side table with personality that speaks to the feel of the room.  I especially like the pattern and open weave texture of the one shown here, as I feel it adds depth to the mid century modern look and feel of the room.  This piece adds pizazz and a spot to hold your beverage or snack.

STEP 5:  Candlelight always adds ambiance to any setting.  What better spot is there for sweet tranquility than your little oasis?  Today's market is filled with every fragrance candle imaginable in a wonderful array of shapes, sizes and styles.  The hardest part is choosing your favorite.  A personal pick:  Capri Blue's Volcano Candle...just amazing.

STEP 6:  Your reading nook is not complete without a perfect little piece to hold your books and reading materials.  Have fun finding something patterned or unexpected as it will add a little bit of "wow" and personally crafted style to the overall look you've created.

     These six simple steps can be tailored to suit any space from a high-style home to a college dorm room.  The most important thing to always remember is to design your space to suit your style, whatever it might be.  You'll know you've gotten it just right when you never want to leave.  Here's to a great read!