Out of all the types of shopping we girls are likely to do, it seems that the one type we'd rather not entertain is swimsuit shopping.  Not to worry!  Today it is easy to find exactly what you're looking for (or at least get reasonably close) and you can even get most of the job done without ever having to set foot inside the dressing room.  Take a look here at some of the styles I found that stylishly address some of the everygirl concerns.

 Yes, I know....you are looking at this one thinking HOW could this suit help me?  This particular one is designed to help those who are in search of a little enhancement up top while sporting an easy to wear option.  The bandeau style is perfect for petite on top gals as it fits well on smaller sizes.  The colorful zig zag pattern visually adds more where there is less making this style a great choice for those looking to enhance the bustline.

 Now this sweet number does a triple play as it adds volume on top, covers anything we don't like on the bottom half and looks darling and cute while doing so.  I especially like the retro/nautical feel this navy and white two piece embodies as it  reminds me of the pin-up days gone by.

 Another retro-inspired look.  This one reflects the images made iconic by Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly.  The halter top draws the eye up and shapes the bustline nicely while the polka dots provide a whimsical feel and distract the eye from potential trouble spots.

 These blue and yellow and black and white suits both speak to the "I'm in shape and I love it" girls and would look fantastic on a trimmed torso and those who are petite to average busted.  If that's you I say give it a go!

 Or maybe, you feel a bit better with more control and coverage - completely understood.  If that is the case, I think these two strapless one piece choices use color and ruching to your advantage.  The stripes add personality on the first one while the buttons are a great eye catching use of detail on the second.

Once you're done getting your toes wet, why not try on one of these adorable tunic cover ups?  They are truly perfect on everyone as they cover up whatever you may not want to show and come in such cute patterns and styles!

So there you have it.  I hope this helps you narrow down what type of suit might be most flattering on you.  Most importantly though, remember to embrace your own shape and know that it makes you who you are and that is absolutely beautiful.

All images via everythingbutwater.com