Welcome to Wedding Week by chic Saturday!  On yesterday's post, we highlighted some beautiful and picturesque coast to coast choices for where to hold your reception.  Today we will take that locale into consideration as we play with color. 
When planning your color scheme again, the choices seem endless.  Not to worry!  I've put together some practical tips to help you narrow the options to reveal your perfect combination of hues. 

*Hint 1:  Always consider the location of the reception when choosing your color scheme. 
If you're planning to say I do in a coastal setting, then you might want to consider soft blue or aqua as a jump off point,  You can creatively use these colors to tie in the ocean theme of the setting.

1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5

*Hint 2:  Let your personal style shine through.

If you are a girlie girl like me, then it's only fair that your day reflect that special side of you.  I especially like the way you can use an accent of gold here as well if you want a more formal look perhaps.  The old-fashioned, homemade look of the candy jars are fun way to add personality to a daytime affair.  Either way, pink has plenty of room for play.

*Hint 3:  Let the time of year help you make easy decisions regarding color and theme.

Have you always adored the idea of fall nuptials?  Can't say I'd blame you one bit!  The gorgeous canvas that the autumn foliage provides cannot be outdone.  Be sure to extend those colorful shades into your color scheme as their warmth and richness make a marked impression upon your guests.

*Hint 4:  Let holiday sparkle lend some extra amazement to your wedding day.

Who could resist a winter holiday wedding?  It is already such a treasured time of year, wouldn't a long-awaited wedding make it even more so?  If you are planning on a December event, try on some of these out of the box ideas for colors and contrast.  The softer shades of gray and rose encompass the ethereal feel of the holidays and have come quite a long way from the once traditional red and green. 

 *Hint 5:  Don't be afraid to take a risk.

In today's world of fashion forward thinking, color is everywhere.  Don't be afraid to let your love of the bright and bold show.  When done carefully, bright colors can come together beautifully to add that special sense of "wow" to one of the most special days of your life.  Let your colors show!

So there you have several color theme choices.  Which do you feel best reflects your personal style?

Sneak Peek:  Coming up next time ~ Flowers and Favors