They say that nearly every little girl dreams of her wedding day practically from the time she first discovers her mother's fanciest pair of heels.  In honor of that and this magical season of summer, chic Saturday is proud to present Wedding Week.

The fantasy begins with one of the first steps in planning those vows....choosing the perfect locale.  Will it be the beach, city lights or a country road that beckons to you and your groom?  Inside or out, casual or high style?  Clearly, the possibilities are endless.  Knowing that these options can send just about any bride's head spinning, I've come up with some practical and popular choices that can be fashioned to suit your needs and tastes.  More importantly, however, they are designed to fit the image you've always held while dreaming of the perfect way to say "I do". 
Let's take a look.....

Soft Lights and Romantic Allure 

Personal touches add individual style to any venue.  That is an important point to keep in mind when considering an indoor wedding.  As seen here, the use of high back chairs, tall centerpieces, dark tablecloths and contrasting chair cushions, along with soft lighting transforms this space into a cozy and romantic setting. Styling effects like these are perfect for making the look and theme of your wedding a beautiful expression of your unique style.  This look and others like it can be seen here.

 Under the Tented Stars 

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A similar look that's taken to the outdoors. 
 There is just something so alluring about a wedding reception under the stars.  An overhead canopy adds shelter from the heat or a good luck sprinkle, while lending elegance to the soft and romantic feel of the event.  You and your guests can dance the night away amid the delicious scent of flower gardens or ocean breezes nearby.

Outdoors Along the Southern California Coast 

This is gorgeous.  A majestic scene set for the outdoor wedding of your dreams.  A petal adorned aisle with your loving groom waiting beneath the archway.  How perfect!  If you're a west coast girl then all the better as this Southern California scene and more that are similar are featured at

 Bright Lights Backdrop

Are the city lights more your thing?  If so, this will certainly inspire you.  The skyline of the city makes for a beautiful and dramatic backdrop that won't soon be forgotten.  Your husband will want nothing more than to gracefully sweep you off your feet amid the twinkling lights.  The fact that it also makes photography a breeze, is a wonderful bonus.  If the lure of New York City strikes your fancy, find more to fall for here and here.

Americana at the Cape and on the Vineyard

For all those east coast girls who grew up enjoying summers on The Cape, this option is for you.  What could be more Americana than a summer wedding on Martha's Vineyard followed by the classic clambake afterwards?  Just be sure to trade your satin and sparkle heels for a pair of Jack Rogers once the ceremony is over....simple, seaside bliss.  Find more to enjoy here.

So there you have a few of my favorite reception choices for the day of your dreams.  I know, making the perfect choice can be hard to do!  Not to worry, though.   The real choice has already been made.   He's the one that slipped that beautiful sparkler on your finger.  Once you find the right partner, the rest is easy. 

Sneak peek....coming up next ~ Choosing Your Color Scheme