Welcome to Wedding Week by chic Saturday!  In our last post, we played with color and discovered how the hues and palettes you choose can really highlight your personal style as they vividly enhance the overall theme of your day.  Now, it's time to turn up the volume on the romance factor as we add those pretty petals to the wedding landscape.  Originally, I had planned to include favors and other fun extras in today's post as well but when I realized how many amazing options there are, that take us well beyond garden variety, I felt I should dedicate the entire post to floral favorites.  Let's get started...

Throw Them a Bouquet

Aside from the bride's gown, one of the very next things most guests are taken by is the bouquet the bride is carrying with her down the aisle.  As with most of the choices you'll be making, bouquets come in many shapes, sizes and colors.  From cascading to ball-shaped, the choice is yours, with each one speaking to a certain style.

This beautiful blue hydrangea is a perfect choice for those of you considering shades of blue, cream or even moss green as your color of choice.  It also works very nicely when tied into an oceanside theme. 

Oh! How eye catching would this be against a stark white wedding gown?  I love the use of pinks, oranges and yellows offset by the cooler shades of green.  This bright and bold combination would pair so nicely with chocolate dresses for your bridesmaids, adding just the right amount of  contrast and pop.

This is gorgeous.  Understated elegance is what you get when you combine soft shades of pink and ivory roses.  Perfect for the bride looking to display her romantic side.  These soft hues would make a pretty compliment to blush or platinum colored dresses worn by your girls.  Ultra feminine and oh so lovely.

My mom's favorite flower is the daisy so, naturally, I wanted to include a bouquet of those here.  The fresh innocence of this one lends itself well to a daytime or countryside affair.  The colors are perfect for just about any palette or color pattern you might be considering as well.

Oh how I adore the sunflower bouquet!  It is so striking and looks amazing against those navy, amethyst or chocolate colored bridesmaids dresses you may be favoring.  It works so well as an autumn wedding flower for certain {especially when mixed with orange and rust hues} but can do just as nicely other times of the year too. 

So, which beautiful bouquet will you be tossing? 

Coming Up.....While I first thought I would cover all the flower choices in one post, I see that table arrangements and the bridal party look will be deserving a post all their own.  See you then!