6 Simple Steps to Lash Love

There's just something so captivating about a well-lined, well-defined eye.  Believe it or not, it is not so hard to achieve.  I created this step by step how-to for you to use to do just that.

Step 1:  HYDRATE  The skin around the eye is extra delicate.  Be sure to always replenish it with a hydrating, property-packed eye cream.  Today's options are extensive and can be overwhelming.  Try to find those that contain hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin C or plant extract depending upon your age and your skin's sensitivity.  Most importantly, opt for those that have a sunscreen added in.
  Some of my faves:  Ole Henriksen Fresh Start, Murad Essential C, Dior Capture XP, And DDF Protective Eye Cream with SPF Plus.

Step 2:  SMOOTH  Once you've plumped your skin with healthy hydrators, you want to smooth the surface so that your shadow and liner stay put.  Much like applying a face primer prior to make up, eyelid primers create a lovely canvas.  Great picks:  Mally Perfect Prep Shadow Base Duo, Urban Decay Eyelid Primer, bareMinerals Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer.

Step 3:  SHADE  It's amazing what a simple swipe of shadow can do for the eyes.  Seemingly neutral shades, when applied can bring your sparkling eyes from washed out to wow!  As a fan of understated beauty I tend to favor those found in lines such a Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Urban Decay's The Nakeds.

Step 4:  LINE & DEFINE  Now this is where it gets into gear.  The lash line is the place where the look of lushness and length are anchored.  Always be certain to line the inner rim of the upper lashline first to get started on that effect.  A waterproof liner, preferably in black or dark brown (sometimes a dark navy blue can work too) is the best choice for this.  Once that's done you'll see an immediate difference. My favorite pencil to get the job done is Urban Decay's 24/7 Waterproof Liner.  
Next, using a pencil for a more smudged effect or liquid brush liner for greater definition, gently line the upper lashline so it completes the lining of the inner rim. 

Step 5:  PLUMP  Lancome has been long known for their expertise in the eyelash industry.  Their mascara is incomparable - we'll get to that next.  Before we do, though, let's talk about using a lash primer.  You may be thinking that this is step you can skip.  I once thought so to.  Grateful to be blessed with long, full lashes, I felt that mascara was all I needed.  Boy was I wrong!  By using a primer, not only do you increase the length and thickness of each lash, you also encapsulate your lashes in hydration leading to much less breakage and healthier lashes overall.  Trust me and give it a try.  The one I love:  Lancome Oscillating Primer...the vibrating brush does all the work!

Step 6:  LENGTHEN, DARKEN, SEPARATE and DEFINE  The final and most rewarding of our six steps is, applying mascara.  While we may have made what seemed to be a few extra steps beforehand, I'm confident you'll be seeing the payout once we're done.  Mascaras come in a tremendous variety but what I find most universal are those that lengthen and define using the proper amount of pigment (read: black).  Black and dark brown are the colors that look most natural.  You can also choose one that curls lashes as it's being applied.  Again, Lancome is my one stop shop for this.  While I have used and loved Hypnose, Definicils and Doll Lashes, my all time favorite is Oscillation.  As mentioned above, the vibrating brush gets in there and coats every single lash- even those you never knew you had.  As a result, you don't need to wiggle you brush and your lashes are their most beautiful.

So if the eyes have it for you, why not give these a try?  Please let me know your tips, ideas and favorite finds as well.  Thanks for reading!