Friday, January 20, 2017

Beauty's Best Basics

Have you ever gone rifling through your makeup bag and found yourself wondering, "What IS all this?"  Well, never fear my dear, today I'm paring down all the extras and leaving room only for the basic beauty must-haves your makeup bag needs.  First and foremost is a really great primer.  As I know I've mentioned before this primer was sent to me as a sample and immediately claimed the top spot in my little arsenal.  Aside from excellent skincare and faithfully following an effective regime (this line is my absolute favorite for instant gratification and incredible longterm results) your primer is what sets the stage for award-winning beauty and looks.  And if you are devoted to treating your skin right every day and every night then it's likely you can skip the heavy foundations and dust on a beautiful mineral powder instead (love this one).  A pretty palette of shadows is every girl's best friend.  Like us, it changes its mind and mood often...perfect company, haha.  One other quick trick I'll share is that you don't need a lip liner to achieve a perfect pout.  This lip cream is the secret weapon I never leave home without.  It allows me to gently color or boldly build my lips to the exact right shade for the occasion at hand.  All that and it does not fade.  Give it a try...for under $5 you won't be disappointed.  

I hope you all have some fun things planned for this winter weekend.  I will be getting cozy by the fire among other things and enjoying some time off.  Have fun darlings!

x ~ K



Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Boy Meets Girl

If there's one thing I am it is a girly-girl.  Ruffles,  feminine accents, florals and all things pink only begin to describe the direction my eye goes when seeing new trends.  Today I decided to juxtapose things just a little bit and throw a little menswear inspo into the mix.  My single must-have piece this very moment is beyond a doubt the ruffle sweater.  Could there be anything more darling than this?  Cast it in pink and I am completely sold.  But should that look prove to be to saccharine for some, why not throw in a great menswear-inspired trench (this one is less than $120), a little boyfriend denim, some ink and slate tones and these killer booties (under $90!).  Suddenly the girl next door has an unmistakable edge.  If any of these pieces or pairings are calling you, you can find them all linked below along with some similar styles you'll love too.  Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!

x ~ K


Monday, January 16, 2017

K Beauty

Helloooo Monday and to a brand new week full of opportunities and discovery!  One place I love to make new discoveries is in the beauty aisle.  For me, skincare and wellness is a an ongoing adventure filled with surprise and delight around every turn.  The latest thing going...Korean beauty (aka K-Beauty).  Yes, it's the current trend but no, it is not a fad or fadeaway in any regard.  

Effective skincare begins and ends with high-quality skin effective ingredients.  That is why I am such a lover of my incredible plant-based and science-infused Nerium night cream.  You can read all about it here as well as in this post.  That is also one of the reasons why I've become so obsessed with the K - Beauty movement as its ingredients are often primarily plant-based and rooted in efficacy towards skin synergy and achieving the beautiful results you so desire.  

If you've been to a Sephora, Ulta, Neiman Marcus or any beauty counter of the like you've likely taken note of this movement with some of the more well known lines such as Dr. Jart, Belif and Tony Moly probably ringing a bell.  What began to catch fire in 2016 is now ready to ignite this year.  That being said, I've linked some of the latest products that I've tried as well as a few on my list.  I can tell you I've yet to be disappointed.  Take a look and let me know your'd be fun to compare notes!  Till then, enjoy this beautiful day and thanks so much for reading!

x ~ K



Friday, January 13, 2017

January Favorites

Friday is here and so are my January favorites I'm super excited to share with you!  It's a brand new year which means a clean slate and fresh start especially when it comes to discovering the many wonderful things that brighten the day and make you smile a little bigger.  Some of the picks I've chosen are wonderful new discoveries I'm so happy to have found.  Others are ones I've come to love and would really never want to be without.  This hydrating face primer is the latest player in my morning beauty rotation.  While I've been fond of certain iconic primers in the past, this one blows them all away. Poof...gone!  It does just what the name implies, hydrates, smooths, perfects and provides the absolute ideal canvas for your makeup of choice.  Or...just leave skin bare.  Yes, it's that good.  I'm also loving this hair care line.  I've tried several of their products and each has done everything it promised to do and then some.  While it is a little bit pricy, I can say it's definitely worth the investment.  I'm especially enjoying this shampoo and this styler.  Whenever I feel like my skin needs a quick boost, nothing works the wonders that a good sheet mask can do.  This brightening mask will leave your face feeling soft, supple, refreshed and looking bright and happy.  At under $10, that's a spa day for the cost of a mere Starbucks run.  Last but never least is this luscious body wash that doubles as a bubble bath too.  Creamy, sweet and dreamy, it's just what you're looking for when you're wanting to relax.  Speaking of that, I hope the weekend finds you looking forward to all your favorite ways to unwind and enjoy the moment.  I've linked all my favorites below for you to click through in your free time.  I'd love to know your favorites too!  Bon weekend!!

x ~ K


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Pom Pom Hat

When it comes to fashion and acquiring one's personal style,  for me it's always been important to be on trend rather than be trendy.  With that said, I'm excited to share with you some of my most-loved ways to wear one of the latest cold weather looks, the pom-pom hat.  The fact that I adore this sweetly accessorized look so much is a bit more than subtly ironic, as I was the little girl who ran as fast as she could from her mother trying to adorn a little knit beanie on me.  Times change!  Nowadays I love nothing more than a chic little topper.  Whether tomboy rough and tumble or demure feminine looks be your groove, this is the one accessory that complements them all.  It's also the one piece that fits any budget and does it effortlessly well.  I've linked below a bunch of great buying options along with a few other cold weather favorites.  Hope you love them as much as I do and thanks for stopping by today!

x ~ K


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