Well hello lovely!  Summer is here and with it come all of those beautiful opportunities to break away from the everyday and relax into those holiday vibes we all absolutely adore.  Whether you're headed away on a dream vacation trip or simply enjoying a bit of r and r near home, indulging in one's personal style makes it all the more enjoyable and leaves you to feel just so, so good.

With that in mind, I've gone ahead and put together for you a snapshot of the bits I personally will be packing on those summer trips I've got planned.  If you've been here for a minute, then you likely already know that I am fan of all things neutral through and through.  And while peeks of color here and there can certainly be entertaining and fun, for me there's nothing quite like the versatility that classic, calm colors afford you when it comes to styling multiple looks from minimal pieces.

Let get started with the basics of what I'm loving here, which include a great pair of trousers.  They are quite honestly the one piece that I find I can't live without all year long.  This ivory colored pair works so effortlessly well with nearly everything I own.  For holiday, I love them worn with a tonal waistcoat.  This draws the eye from head to toe with ease and results in a very flattering look for most silhouettes and body types.

A classic button down shirt is another must-have for me and in summer, it can work so well with everything from shorts to maxi-dresses.  The versatility and options are endless.  Vacation date nights are the perfect time for those sexy summer dresses we all love to wear.  I'm stepping a bit outside the box with this one.  You may know that I'm not a big fan of prints but stripes are something I will incorporate into my closet from time to time.  In summer, there's none better than the black or navy and cream stripe combo.  I love it done in this version of the slip dress.  It's classy yet quite unexpected and will work so well for dinner, drinks and whatever other evening fun you will be having.

All these pieces then work back to either gorgeous tan or black leather accessories that add a bit of interest while tying the entire look together without you having to do a thing.  Simple, chic and so well-suited for what many of us are doing at the minute.  

I love how styling the looks that suit you is so effortless and easy, especially on holiday and all summer long.  Each of these items I've mentioned here (or something similar) have been linked for you down below.  I hope they help you look and feel your best as much as they do me.  Thanks for reading...wishing you a lovely holiday!