Well hello, summer!  The change of seasons is always just so exciting for so many reasons not the least of which being a newly update capsule set designed to take us through the latest months.  This turn of the page highlights summer and the lovely warm weather ahead.  

With that in mind, I've gone ahead and selected a few simple, core pieces that I plan on reaching for a lot in the coming weeks.  Let's get things going a bit now with this top and bottom.  Like most people I'd say, I effortlessly associate linen with summertime and easy dressing.   This square neck shell is so simple to wear and works beautifully paired with the skirt I've shown here.  The beauty of it, however, is how you can just as easily style it with some smart trousers, cropped white denim or a pair of linen shorts.  Cost per wear really speaks for itself on this one, making it a must-have for my wardrobe rotation at the minute.

Tonal looks are still quite big for me as we speak.  Most likely because they lend such a sense of purpose and cohesiveness to a look without being fussy or uncomfortable.   This linen skirt ticks all the boxes with its versatility and ease of wear.  I love it paired with this particular top and the way it cleanly draws the eye from top to bottom.  These dad sandals keep that flow going while lending a bit of contrast and interest to the look with their somewhat masculine feel.

A few classic accessories like this straw Loewe bag, sunglasses and some understated gold earrings really work to elevate the entire outfit and take it from good to great.  That's such a lovely feeling, isn't it?  I hope this all leaves you feeling very inspired to style some similar pieces you may already own in some of the ways I've described here.  If something I spotlighted did catch your eye, I have linked them down below.  

Wishing you all a very beautiful start to summer...thanks for spending some time!