Autumn favorites, what a loaded subject that one is for me. This post could naturally be a lot longer than it is but for today I'm going to focus in on some of my current favorite pieces for the start of fall. Let's take a look at these creamy neutrals and see the many ways that you can work them into your rotation as well.

It's no secret that my wardrobe basically consist of taupes, creams, greys and cognacs the absolute minute the weather starts to take a turn towards the cooler end.  And, if I'm being quite honest, temperatures don't even have to dip all that much for me to start to feel one-hundred percent fall ready. I think I was born that way, ha ha.

This outerwear piece has been getting a lot of attention as of late. The so-called "shacket" made its way into the limelight last year sometime. Since then, it seems most of us have embraced its practicality and ease of wear as it has become one of the most-wanted pieces I've seen at the minute.  Knowing that I don't like to necessarily jump on the latest trends, I still think this particular piece is worthy of a try if you quite like it.

Another item I love to reach for throughout the fall and, depending where you live, perhaps even the winter, is the quilted jacket. Now, we have seen this item in many varieties over the past decade or so but I am really enjoying this version.  Longer coats may not be everyone's ideal cup of tea but I think that they are really far more simple to style and work quite well with most of what I know my closet holds.

This one is a nice neutral option and comes in several colors to suit your personal taste and the color scheme of your wardrobe. I chose it in this nutmeg color as I think it will look beautiful with all of those neutral shades I spoke of before.  I also have my eye on this belted number which I think will look absolutely gorgeous going forward into cooler weather.

Collared sweaters, Chelsea boots and a soft leather handbag are all I need to round out my first-of-fall selections.  To me there's no question as to why this is my favorite season.  From all that it offers in nature to the many many splendid ways you can dress for it, I am in love with autumn. Hope you're having a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by!