This time of the year is full of so many warm comforts.  From your latte to comfort foods in the kitchen, cozy moments are simply everywhere.  And with that being the case, I find it logical that these seasonal comforts find their way into our closets as well.  Today's look features some of the muted shades of autumn paired with and perked up by rich tones of cinnamon and nutmeg which together blend flawlessly into some really gorgeous outfits.  

If you've been following me here then you more than likely know that I'm nothing if not practical when it comes to choosing pieces that will work for you in a number of ways.  Having a piece that can only be worn once or in one way is in no way acceptable in my eyes.  Unless, of course, you're enjoying a Rent the Runway moment.  And if so, by all means go for it, haha.  But that is a post for another day!

Each piece I've picked here today works beautifully with the others as well as alongside so many others I plan to wear throughout the months ahead.  And, not only does that make it so much easier to budget, it also makes getting dressed much simpler.

These trousers caught my eye and I'm so glad I picked them up.  The color is one of my tried and true favorites and looks so well done with ivories and creams and a dash of cognac or cinnamon to add a bit of interest and depth to the look. 

This sweater pairs perfectly with them with the shorter wider silhouette bit of a cropped feel that it gives off.  This piece also works just as easily work with anything from a mini skirt to joggers and look incredible all while doing so.  Add in a long duster-like jacket for a bit of extra warmth on those chilly autumn the mornings.  This one is quite a lovely option with its open front and pretty color.  It also could work with just so much of what is already most likely your closet .

A pair of slouchy boots would be the perfect complement to the entire look.  I have my eye on this pair and absolutely love the warm nutmeg-like color.  I could see them with a look like this one here as well as a midi skirt, smart trousers and even a really nice pair of cashmere joggers.

I really do love it when so many pieces like this just come together so easily.  The colors, the cuts and the fabrics are everything I'm loving and exactly what I want for the season.  I hope you find something you love here too.  Just in case I linked everything in the thumbnails below for you. Enjoy them everyone and have a beautiful Monday!