Few things are as versatile as some classic and timeless, well-chosen accessories.  And whether your passion be for shoes, sunglasses or gorgeous leather handbags, one thing is for certain, they each can transform a look.  

Personally, I happen to have an obsession with sunglasses which will certainly come as no surprise.  I also, however, happen to think that both handbags and shoes can rightfully hold their own alongside the competition.  As such, today's post is devoted to some of my favorites among all three.

You all know my love of neutrals and that love story remains true when it comes to accessories.  Perhaps even more so than with my clothing, haha.  But honestly, you can not find anything more deserving of your dollar than a versatile accessory.  Let me show you why.

This bag is one I fell in love with last fall and I am still obsessed.  There's something about smooth leather that always gets my attention.  The use of the overlapping design is quite eye-catching and the adjustable strap is a feature I really like when coordinating it with my outfit.  

Shoes are another area of ones wardrobe where selecting the right pairs will extend the wearability of all the clothing in your closet and allow you to design so many looks around them.  Come this time of year, I always gravitate towards a nice, neutral colored mule.  Black is always a striking option as is this sandy shade seen here in a soft suede loafer.  This is such a timeless look that you can never go wrong with.

Last but clearly not least is a great pair of sunglasses.  Oh, where do I even begin here?  Although I have created a bit of a collection to choose from, there is one bit of advice I can give you when it comes to closing the right pair.  Be sure to find those that suit your overall style rather than just one or two outfits.  And be certain to go with a pair that truly flatters your face.  Aside from those two tidbits, I also find that time-honored colors like classic black and brown tortoiseshell are always ones that work back to some many color schemes you may want to be wearing.

It's been said that accessories often do make or break whatever it is you are wearing and I do think that's true.  I hope this inspired you in some way and has you looking forward to incorporating more of your personal style into your everyday looks. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by!