Summer is prime time for sightseeing days and the last thing you want to be doing is fussing over your outfit while taking in the pretty locales.  Today's look will be absolutely perfect for city street strolls and taking in the culture.

This basic look is good for so many reasons and works effortlessly in so many situations.  Built from the blazer on up these pieces become easily interchangeable and really let you achieve several different looks based off these key pieces.

A black or navy jacket will give endless options all year long and is well worth the initial investment.  Here it pairs well with these Bermuda walking shorts which I also love styled multiple ways.  For this look, I went for this striped black and white t-shirt which is always a classic whether it be casual or street style.  

Then let your accessory choices take you further in the direction you want to go.  Today I chose to keep things a bit more casual with a baseball cap, some oversized sunglasses and a nice pair of trainers.  You could, of course, also go with a silk scarf, ballet flats and these pretty shades to elevate the look a bit.  Either way, a roomy leather tote will be your best friend as you easily stash things away in it while on the go. 

Hopefully you're headed somewhere fun and exciting where you can sport this look in the days ahead.  I'll be back on Friday with more ways to style your life pretty.  Until then, enjoy!