Hello everyone and happy Monday!  Whether the first day out of the weekend is something you love or you're team "one more day", one thing remains true.  You still want to find ways to dress that suit your mood and your style.  For me, I know that sometimes that means relaxed style and in other moments it translates into minimalist chic that's ready for anything.  For today's post, I've combined both options to give us the best of all worlds.  

This dress instantly caught my eye and with such good reason.  I love the color of course as all things neutral own my heart.  But, the style and shape are equally alluring on this one.  I love the high neckline and easy drape of the silhouette.  Clearly, it would easily complement a variety of body shapes and both petite and tall heights.  

A pair of easy sandals or some nice trainers would again both work with this dress depending upon the look you are going for.  Pop on some gold jewelry and a cute sun hat and you are set.  Contrastingly, if you are keeping it quite casual then perhaps you might want to reach for something a bit more along the lines of this summer sweater and these walking shorts.  

I love the soft look and feel of this one and how it blends so seamlessly from one season into another. Pair it with some Bermuda shorts and a pair of loafers for an easy running around look.  A long handled bag like this one is a closet chameleon and would be a perfect choice for either look.  A pair of rose colored glasses rounds out everything we've done here and finishes off my picks for ways to say to hello to a new week.  

Hope you're all enjoying the last full month of summer and getting ready for autumn.  Just the thought makes me giddy.  Haha, more to come on that in the future.  Til then, happy summer!