Happy Friday!  If I could capture summer in a snapshot, it might look just like this.  Laid back, casual and ready for just about anything, haha.  Simple pieces, neutral colors and mix and match pieces are all a part of the summer wardrobe capsule.  

I love a neutral top like this one that is just so easy to wear and works well with many of the other pieces in your closet.  Of course, denim cut-offs always earn a spot in the style rotation.  I love them with big linen tops and over a swimsuit

Strappy sandals like these and classic trainers never wear out their welcome with me as I love and live in them all season long.  Also, a great, versatile handbag is worth its weight in gold.  This one happens to be a favorite for me all year round.  I love simple and straightforward it is to style and the way it adds so much to every look I pair it with.

Classic sunnies, a great straw hat and some lovely gold jewelry round out the secret to this snapshot that is all ready for summer.  Maybe you will find yourself reaching for some similar items this weekend.  Here's to hoping it's a fun one!