I don't know about where you live but for us here on the East coast, it seems like we turned the calendar page to June and just like that, summer time is finally here.  Those warmer temperatures and all the events that are now coming with them have inspired this post and the looks I'm sharing with all of you today.  

Summer dresses are the one thing that just can not be beat.  Even if you are not a dress person per se, there's something so very easy and comfortable about this one piece wonder.  And clearly, designers agree as every line offers something for everyone to love this time of year.

Along with that, I also think that the jumpsuit is another easy to wear piece that keeps you cool and comfortable while keep the effort level to a minimum.  This drawstring jumpsuit is so soft and comforting against the body.  And I love the open back closure.  It is an easy piece to dress up or down and even passes as a midi halter dress at first glance.

Classic summer accessories really make an outfit what it is.  For each of these looks here, I have put together some simple sandals, bags and a few other pieces that work seamlessly with each look to create a pretty look for any occasion.  

If you've fallen in love with anything I've shared here today, you can find more details in the thumbnails below.  I hope your week is off to a good start and as always, thanks so much for sharing part of it with me!