Spring temperatures have me a bit giddy right now and building warmer weather outfits is always a fun outtake of that.  For today's look, I thought it might be fun to take things to new heights and share with you a classic way to style the tailored short.

If you know me at all then you likely know that I am rather particular when it comes to this summer favorite of some.  Not all that many pairs make the cut, however.  Lately, I'm favoring the high-waisted tailored styles that are going to be appropriate for pretty much anywhere you find yourself going.  It is, however, important to remember a few key details when it comes to putting the look together and creating a really well-worn outfit.

So length is, of course, a huge consideration when it comes to where you can appropriately get away with a short outfit.  This pair hits perfectly as it is just a bit above the knee and is easy to style in just so many ways. I also think that the color of this pair is quite the perfect neutral giving you such a good number of outfit options.

Putting them with this lovely little top allows for the start of a rather summery look that you can in a number of directions.  I love that it is made of organic cotton and think that it works just so nicely with a lot of high-waisted options which I love.

Now, with the weather still be a bit fickle at times, I'm always sure to take a smart jacket along with me in case I need just a little bit of warmth.  The black blazer is the perfect piece to pair here as it is just so flattering on everyone and will easily elevate nearly everything you may be wearing on the bottom.  

A classic pair of flats (love these here) and some gold jewelryy perfectly complement the look while a dark pair of sunglasses and daintier woven clutch so beautifully finish it off.  This is what I call taking your neutrals on holiday.  Easy and effortless much like any good look should be.

Hopefully, this will give your shorts some new life as it is a an added way to style a classic piece.  Enjoy everyone!