Hello and welcome back.  Vacation season is officially (and finally!) upon us and that means it's time to get any of the kinks out of our packing game while we have a minute to spare.  It's definitely been a while since most of us have had the luxury of enjoying a proper getaway but this summer it seems we are all sure to get there.

One of my favorite places to spend some time during summer is Nantucket.  The charm, tranquility and unmistakable sense of Americana are all things everyone needs to experience at some point in their lives.  And for me, the more the better.

Today's looks each capture the essence and feel of getting away to this nautical paradise with the perfect amount of classic style.  Perhaps my most favorite piece seen here is this Ellie Nap Dress.  I find that it's perfect for nearly every ocassion and just so very easy to wear.  The smocked bodice and ruffled shoulders  paired with the midi length skirt make it the perfect choice for so many body sizes. Take a look at all the styles and colors available as I think there's sure to be something for everyone before selling out.

Tanks, linen shirts and lightweight summer cashmere help build such nice seaside looks and layering for the weather here is key.  I quite honestly don't know how the temperature can so quickly turn that much cooler butI'm always happy to have an extra layer for warmth when it does.

Certain accessories are somewhat of a non-negotiable when it comes to Nantucket summers.  Some preppy sandals, a big straw hat, a versatile tote and this headband make for some of the quintessential picks I personally love.  They are perfect for rounding out the looks you'll enjoy creating.

And that's it.  Simple, classic and chic and ready for summer.  Where's everyone heading this summer?  I'd love to know.  No matter where your travel plans take you, it's always so nice to arrive in a look that is ready for anything.  

I hope you've enjoyed these summer bits and the sage advice that I'm sharing, haha.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you all with more style inspo on Wednesday!