Is there really anything more classically chic than some gorgeous warm weather neutrals?  I'd like to think not as they are such a beautiful source of inspiration always.  Creams, white nudes and taupes all pair so very beautifully with a splash of blue denim from time to time.  So let's get started shall we?

Light colored trousers are an incredible focal point of any capsule wardrobe during the warmer months.  This pair here is right in so many ways.  I really love the length and bit of tailoring these offer along with the high-waistedness as I find that just so flattering.  You can pair them with nearly every piece pictured here today and never go wrong.

A smart linen shirt is another piece I can't get along without this time of year.  This one here is perfect in such a number of ways.  I happen to love it with some tailored shorts as well as with a lovely midi skirt of sorts.  Pair it it with either trainers or these sandals and you have a perfect look for a lunch date or some outdoor dining.

I also always keep a neutral blazer nearby which is such a necessary go-to.  I reach for mine whenever I  just need a little bit of something to cover up whenever you want to stave off the chill of air conditioning or a cooler sort of evening.  It is also a nice choice to wear with a pair of mom jean shorts while running errands around town.  

Caramel leather bags might possibly be my favorite and work effortlessly well with all of these neutral pieces.  This one is such a reasonably priced item that I think most of us would get a lot of wear out of during this time of year.  Never being one to leave a look unfinished, I would round this one out with some delicate gold jewelry and a softly shaded pair of sunglasses.

Doesn't that sound so lovely?  I hope you think so too.  If you have fallen for any of these bits I've shared this time I've linked them all below for a closer look.  Hope everyone's ready for a lovely weekend...thanks for sharing part of it here with me!