Ever find a wardrobe item that you just absolutely love? And you want to wear it...on repeat?  It could be a sweater, cute skirt, a great pair of jeans or even a jacket you constantly reach for.  Well, me too and lucky for us we can get a lot of mileage out of any given piece if we just become savvy about how to easily style it in more than one way.

If you've been reading for a while then you probably remember my rule of "Wear it Three Ways".  If I find a new item that I really want to buy I have to be able to wear it three ways before it finds its way into my closet.  Haha, and if you love clothes and shopping for new as much as I do then you completely get that!

Today's much-loved item is denim.  We all have a love-hate affair with jeans, so when we find a pair that we want to wear we sometimes don't want to ever take them off.  No worries. With the exception of a run through the washer, you don't have to part with them most days.

I've styled this pair of jeans two ways today to show how simple it is to get two totally different looks by switching out the surrounding pieces and their silhouettes.  Here are two ways to play...

Take denim downtown in a few simple steps.  A chunky turtleneck is always relaxed and laidback.  Punch up the easy feel vibes by reaching for these sneaks, a slouchy beanie and some cool shades.  Add a bit of interest and contrast to the look by topping it off with a black biker jacket and you are ready to go.

Then on the day that calls for a more polished look and feel, jeans can still own the moment.  Simply switch out that moto jacket for a classic, chic trench.  Love this camel one as it always owns the moment.   Still stay cozy with a soft sweater.  This ivory one is perfect for that and works beautifully with the soft neutral feel of the look we are building.  These sunnies are my new obsession and the colors in the frame and of the lens add some beautiful warmth.  And finally, a black beret and pair of ankle boots perfectly round out and finish off the look.

And there you go! One pair, two ways.  Which is your favorite item to style in ways that always look fresh?