You know that feeling...the one you get when it's just so cold outside that all you want to do is cozy up?  January seems to be quite familiar with it too and that is why, come the weekend, I want nothing more than to reach for the warmiest, coziest pieces that will keep me feeling toasting while still looking cute.

It's no surprise that pinks, greys and ivories have made it to this party too, haha.  But they are some of the prettiest ways to achieve that goal.  This funnel neck bouclĂ© sweatshirt for example makes for the perfect layering piece whether you're going out or staying in.  It is super casual paired with your favorite yoga pants but just as easily tops off this ultra-comfortable pair of grey straight-leg denim.  These New Balance sneakers are topping my list right now.  The color, fit and style are all perfect in my eyes.  

When it comes to outerwear, I have to say that if it isn't warm, comfortable and flattering, I am not going to want to wear it.  Lucky for me, this jacket checks all the boxes.  I love that it is insulated yet lightweight and has a drawstring-waist feature that lets you tailor it to be exactly the way you like it.  A sweet pom pom beanie makes for its perfect counterpart of course.  

A fit tracker, set of hair ties, swipe of buttery balm and sunnies make for the best weekend accessories.  Casual and easy alongside warm and feeling fantastic are the keys to a wonderful weekend for me.  How about you all?  Any fun plans and ways to dress for them?  I'd love to know!