So, it's that time again...we just wrapped up holiday gifting and are enjoying all the great gifts we received.  But there is a bit of a craving for something we see while window shopping the web.  "Oh, that's so cute but do I really need it?" is a question I find myself asking this time of year.  Well, you all know my mantra when it comes to curating my closet and that is I have to be able to wear an item at least three ways before it earns a spot on the rack.  Today's post is a new take on that and highlights one piece (that can be worn in wayyyy more than three ways) and transcends the seasons of then and now.

The cardigan is the prizewinner that will be something I know I wear all winter long and the easy, simple fix I reach for as winter melts into spring.  Layering is the key to this trick and once you pick out the right pieces to do so you are set for almost any season wearing this one.

Right now, if you are living in a colder climate like ours here in the NYC area, then you know what I mean when I say layer.  Depending where you are going any given day, the temps in and out can fluctuate from cool to cold.  I always like to start out with a fine-gauge turtleneck and build the look from there.  Black denim plays so well all winter long and the neutral cardi loves it as well.  Scarves are a city girl's best friend and I love one in this color as it adds just a little bit of edge and interest to an otherwise neutral look.  Beanies, boots and a brushstroke of burgundy (love this bag!) pull the look together and leave room for the finishing touch of your favorite accessory.  Cardigans love long layering necklaces like this one.  Mee too.

Later, when the weather warms up but there is still a chill in the air at any given time of day, you will find me reaching for my white denim and pairing it with the classic warm-weather jean.  Toss on a little striped tee, a classic pair of flats, some great gold and tortoise shell accessories and a great leather bag and you are set for a day of fun with the girls.  Ahhh, it feels so good to know those days will come! 

One piece, two ways.  See how easy that was? Haha, I hope that helps make those January buying issues a bit easier and your closet a happy place to be!  What pieces are you all wanting right now that you can also wear into the spring?

Have a great day everyone and for all those getting a long weekend, enjoy!