Hello friends! Mid-December is such a special time...wrapping presents, celebrating special moments, enjoying the magic of the holidays and reflecting back upon the past year.  We all know this year has been a doozie but I always like to look for the silver lining.  And that's what today's post is all about.  With all the unexpected challenges we all took on in 2020, these items helped get and guide me through so many of them as they made my life so much easier while making me smile along the way.  From major purchases to small treasures, I can say thank you 2020 for bringing them tome.

This is maybe my best purchase of the entire year, my MacBook Air.  If you're like me and enjoy the mobility while having life at your fingertips, then this little powerhouse is for you.  I was able to get mine for an amazingggg price at QVC in the gorgeous color I wanted as well as a bunch of super useful aka necessary accessories to go with it.  So good, the sold out the day I got mine but I believe they may have since restocked.  I highly recommend checking it out.

We all got way into cooking this year and even though I've always channeled my inner Ina Garten, this year took things to a whole new level.  One of my favorite kitchen appliances to use daily is this toaster oven.  From nachos and apps to cakes and cookies, this oven does it all.  If you live in an apartment you won't want to be without it as it completely allows you to for go your oven for cooking and use it to get your Carrie Bradshaw on, haha! Just kidding...about the storage part that is, hehe. I'm also loving this immersion blender for smoothing sauces and pureeing soups in the pot with zero mess.  It's a must-have.

Other, smaller purchases I made and loved this year include The Always Pan (see details about cooking above, haha), this hands-free soap dispenser because 2020, this rose mask which my skin can't live without, this peel in a jar that makes my derm doctor miss me and these hair and skin supplements that are addicting and great for you.

These are the standouts that helped me navigate life this year.  How about you?  I'd love to hear more from you guys about your favorites.  The rest of those pictured above are each linked in the thumbnails below in case you're thinking about adding any of them to your life too.  Let me know if you try something and love it...and I promise there is something here you will!  Enjoy!