Hello and happy Monday to you!  Hoping that everyone had a nice weekend spent doing something you all love.  My included a lot of sun as it was a complete sizzler here on the east coast.  Summer sun and heat can feel good on our bodies but can also be punishing on our skin and hair.  Today I am sharing with you some of the ways I go about making sure my hair and skin never fry throughout these summer days.  Not sure if you've been beauty shopping lately but there are some incredible products out there right now that can get the job done and more on the way.  For starters, I always think that a hat and sunnies are the best way to be certain your salon scored highlights and delicate eye area stay unharmed.  That being said, it is also crucial that you apply a really good sunscreen (some of my favorites and most-trusted here, here and here).  Beyond that though, I always find that I often want to treat myself to extra summertime pampering that keeps everything in tip top shape.  This mask is ah-mazing.  Unlike those that just slough or hydrate, this little gem first buffs to brighten the skin then uses natural oils to restore the lipid barrier and replenish your skin's natural balance.  Yes, it is heavenly.  To keep my face feeling freshly hydrated on hot days, I love using creams that continue to plump and protect throughout the day.  This one from Bobbi Brown is one of my favorites.  When a cosmetic company like hers first came out with skincare I will say that I was for sure skeptical.  Knowing how much Bobbi adores what she does and the clients she serves, I decided to look into things further and I am always so happy I did.  With skin-loving ingredients like shea butter and olive oil at the top of the ingredients list, this little jar of wonder works to moisturize beautifully without ever feeling heavy.  Needless to say, my face loves it.  My hair also gets a lot of love during the summertime.  This scalp scrub is something I don't know how I ever got along without, haha.  Our scalp perspires much more in summer and needs a way to rid itself of what could otherwise become buildup.  The coconut and charcoal combo in this scrub treat your hair and scalp to the perfect cleanse without stripping away the natural oils we need.  My feels freshly hydrated, swingy and shines like a new mani.  A nourishing body wash, body oil and lip balm round out the rest of my summer skin and hair survival must-haves.  

What's in your summer beauty bag?  I'd love to hear about your most-loved products too!