Hello friends...hope you're hanging in with the new normal.  One thing I know is that working from home is a lot of work, haha!  I'm here for you today with these work at home essentials that will help you organize, prioritize and have a little fun along the way.  What could be better right now, right?  
So, I'm a visual person and love to see everything at a glance.  This pretty planner makes that possible.  I love the colors and how easy it is to use.  This fun to-do list is so helpful too.  Prioritize your to-dos and be happy when you see them.  An Apple watch will keep everything you need at arm's length.  A cute mug (like this one) makes me happy every time I see it.  Pink, gold and lashes...what's not to love?  Don't forget to grab a great pair of peepers (love these) and be charged and ready to go with this pink option.  

I hope you're all doing okay as well as your family and friends.  Positivity and perseverance will get us through this together.  I'm thinking of all of you and enjoying your sweet messages as well.  Hang tight everyone and I'll see you on Friday.