"Home-cooked" has taken on a whole new feel lately and with it, a lot of us have found ourselves standing and staring into our pantry closets wondering, "Okayyy, so what do I make?"  I've been there in this time of fewer resources and I have been getting some highly inspiring ideas from the blessed cooks that I love to follow over on Instagram.  From the sweet Barefoot Contessa to the friends at New York Times Cooking, these kind souls are sharing easy meals featuring pantry pulls we all may have on hand.  I love how they're providing simple, do-able ways to turn your pantry out and onto your plate.  

All the delicious dishes seen here today are linked via the title below each one.  So far I've made the tomato and orzo soup and the tortellini.  Yummmm! Next up...that delish looking taco bake!  Besides being easy enough for the novice to knockoff, these dishes are also very friendly as in easy to sub ingredients for.  Rice can work in place of orzo or vice versa and different varieties of pastas and brand can definitely be swapped.

I've always loved to cook and am trying to look at this as a way to expand my horizons and maybe learn a few cool new tricks along the way.  Why not!  I hope everyone is hanging in.  In hearing from some of you, one thing I can say is that social distancing is bringing us all closer together as opposed to isolated and shut off.  Sending love you all...I hope you find something yummy to make.  Let me know how you like it!