In light of everything going on in the world around us right now, date night at home is hardly a hardship.  In fact, it's always been one of my favorite ways to spend time with your honey.  Why not take the fun and playful challenge of creating new ways to enjoy it at home?  Bartending together, watching foreign films, wine tasting, poetry reading...(very romantic!) and slow dancing just the two of you in the living room are all perfect ways to connect.  

Of course, you can dress up for your date night experience or you can simply get cozy with some soft and comfortable options like these here.  I love a super soft cardigan all year round and with temps always being so up and down, it makes perfect sense to me!  Jeans are the happy complement to any cardi and this pair is a favorite of mine.  You can roll them up or wear them down depending on your personal preference.  Top knots, camis and fuzzy slippers are all the rage right now so...why not?

I've always been one who loves to make a house a home with all the seasonal and comforting essentials.  Let's ramp that up right now with some soft burning candles (these smell delicious!).  I also can never get enough of cute mugs that mirror my personality.  This one seems about right at the moment.  And, if you don't love cooking while staying in please order responsibly.  We're all in this together and will get through it by making safe choices.  I hope everyone is doing well and I'd love to hear what you are doing to make the most of your time at home!

Sending you all lots of love!!