If you're like me, then you love shopping.   And if you love shopping then you also know that if you have a game plan, you can save yourself both time and unnecessary expenses.  The key?  Know your style, what you'll really wear and how to mix and match everything you own to easily create endless looks you'll love.  For me, neutrals do exactly that.  Ivories, caramels, blacks and yes, animal prints work together or alone to become exactly what I know I'll be reaching for most days.  

Try investing in a few favorite staples like the ones I've highlighted today.  Well fitting sweaters, your favorite color skirt, a pair of flattering jeans, a versatile pair of boots and a stunning bag are pretty much all it takes.  Add in a few favorite accessories and you're all set!  Honestly, I've been working my closet this way for years and it's never let me down yet.

The pieces that I love and that work for me are linked below.  Take a look and see what you love.  Your closet and morning routine will thank you!  Wishing everyone a gorgeous November Monday!