What is it about men and sailing?  I've yet to meet a guy who didn't love being at the helm of a boat behind the wheel.  I say, let'em drive, oh captain my captain, haha.  Honestly, it's fun to watch and it gives us a chance to be the Vesper of our very own Casino Royale.  Well, these pieces here today are also certain to get you there.  I have always loved the oh so nautical feel of crisp navy, bright white and the accent of a bit of red.  This swimsuit shows exactly what I mean and how cute is the tie detailing?  I also love these sailor shorts, this striped top and these luxe little loafer.  Pricy for sure but sooooo worth the splurge.   Hair ties and scrunchies are what the last of summer is all about and I love these.  A captain's hat is a girl's best friend while on board and on land.  Definitely a favorite for me.  And...this bag (in fact this entire handbag line) has me and won't let go any time soon I'm betting, haha!  How about you all?  What are your nautical faves and craves?  Please do tell.  

I'm hoping everyone has something special planned for the weekend.  Even still in summer time those two days just always have a special feel we all adore.  I'll be keeping you up to date on mine in my stories so I'll see you there.  Until then, enjoy everyone and thanks for sharing part of your Friday here with me!